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Journal of applied virology (Online)
J. appl. virol. (Online)

J. Appl. Virol.

  Journal of Applied Virology  is an open access, peer reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of virology, including research on the viruses of human, animals, plants, bacteria and fungi. And the journal also considers articles on biological products, especially for viral vaccine etc.



    HK Institute of Biologicals Standardization Ltd (HIBS)  was set up in July 2012. It's a no-profit company which located in HongKong, and focus on the standardization of biologicals. The scope of its legitimate business involving technical services, publishing and quality control test kit developed .

     HIBS now host only one Journal that is " Journal of applied virology " , We will try our best to make it better and more professional! HIBS will pay for the publish charge of Journal of applied virology, So it's free both for the reader and author!!  

       One is enough! One will the best!

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Journal of Applied Virology

ISSN: 2305-5154 (Print)
        2306-6210 (Online)         

Editor In-Chief

   Dr. Wenbo Zhang


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Current Issue:  2013  2 (4)

Progress on the research and development of  EV71
            Fushun Zhang

Biography of Professor Guo Yuanji
            Chongfa Tang

Epidemiological surveillance of enteric viruses in East
     Macedonia   and Thrace region in Greece
Theodoros A. Parasidis, Ioanna G. Alexandropoulou,
             Theocharis G. Konstantinidis  et al.

Neurotoxicity of Japanese encephalitis Virus chimeric with dengue type 2 virus strain on sucking mice
Yan Wei, Shiwen Wang, Quanfu Zhang, et al.

Research progress for detection methods of rotavirus
Yunjin Wang, Li Yu, Xu Zhou

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